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About Us

We Have Over 5 Years Experience In Aluminium Cabinetry Industry And Service Business Partner Such As Interior Designer And Contractor

We Had Serve Over 800 Business Partner In Selangor, Which All Of Them Are Happy With Our Service


What We Are Specialize In

Aluminium Carcass

We Provide Variety Of Aluminium Carcass That Protect Your Kitchen From Moist, Termite And Fire Risk.

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Aluminium Woodgrain Door

There Are Variety Of Aluminium Door Type For You And Your Client To Choose From. Either One Should Fit Your Client.

Aluminium Ready Made Cabinet

There Are Few Ready Made Aluminium Cabinet That You Can Expand Your Product Range.

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Are You An Interior Designer?

Looking For Unique Cabinet For Your Client That Every Customer Will Love?


Are You A Contractor?

Looking For New Product For Your Upcoming Project To Increase Your Project Sales Value?

Aluminium Cabinet Should Be In Your Bucket List


Are You A Furniture Supplier?

Looking For Aluminium Cabinetry Manufacturer And Supplier? 

We Can Supply Mass Cabinet In Short Period Of Time


Our Support

Just Refer Your Client To Our Product & Earn Margin, We Take Care The Rest


Custom Cabinet Design

Made-to-Order Cabinetry Service For Your Client

Aluminium Carcass Mass Supply

Benefit Contractors Who Want To Add Extra Values For Your Project

Cabinet Installation

We Owned Professional Installer Team To Solve Your Installation & Hiring Problem

One-On-One Consultation

Exclusive Free Consultation Service From Our Business Specialist

3 Thing To Enjoy Through Our Partnership

Ready Distribution System

We Have Complete System Of Manufacturing And Warehouse That Are Ready To Manufacture And Distribute In A Short Period Of Time.

Full Product & Service Support

We Have Over 10 Years Of Experience In Manufacturing Aluminium Cabinet And Complete Product & Service System That Allow You Zero Worry.

Expand Customer Range

Having More Option Meaning That You Can Attract More Customer To Your Business. Getting More Option Without Extra Cost Will Be Your Perfect Choice.



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